Supporting mathematical reasoning in the middle years

Growing Mathematically is an initiative that supports and promotes the use of learning progressions, formative assessment, and targeted teaching as effective teaching strategies for mathematics.

The ability to reason mathematically is a key proficiency that is fundamental to further study in mathematics, science, technology, and engineering. It is also important in many other areas of human endeavour and a necessary component in what it means to be a responsible, numerate citizen.

The resources provided here were produced by  the Reframing Mathematical Futures II (RMFII) project on the development of mathematical reasoning in the middle years. The resources provide:

  • evidenced-based learning progressions for algebraic, geometrical, and statistical reasoning
  • four formative assessment forms to determine where students are in relation to each learning progression,
  • targeted teaching advice to help teachers progress all students learning, and
  • links to related resources and professional learning modules.

A video introducing the RMFII project and resources can be found as follows. This provides important background information as well as information about the use of the resources.


The RMFII project was an Australian Maths and Science Partnership Programme project conducted at RMIT University by Professor Dianne Siemon and an expert team of researchers in partnership with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers Inc (2014-2018).

The RMFII formative assessment and targeted teaching resources can be accessed by clicking on the buttons below.