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NRICH is an innovative collaboration between the Faculties of Mathematics and Education at the University of Cambridge, It is part of the University’s Millennium Mathematics Project. The site provides a rich set of resources for teachers and learners at both primary and secondary levels. They include games, activities, problems, extension tasks, as well as professional learning and advice for teachers.


The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) aims to raise levels of achievement in maths, and to increase appreciation of the power and wonder of maths. The website is an extensive online resource providing tools and ideas for the professional development of mathematics educators at all levels. The NCETM works with teachers in England to introduce a Teaching for Mastery approach to pedagogical practice.


NZ MATHS is a site provided by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. It contains a wide range of teaching materials and professional learning resources for mathematics educators at all levels. While resources are aligned to the New Zealand curriculum, there are lots of problem-solving and rich learning activities that any maths teacher can use in their classroom.


Maths Central is an internet service for mathematics students and teachers. It is maintained by the faculty and students in the Mathematics and Statistics and Mathematics Education department at the University of Regina in Canada. It is a listed teacher resources of the Canadian Mathematical Society.


The US National Science Foundation offers a curated collection of lessons and web resources aimed at classroom teachers, their students and students’ families. These collections may be provided by associated sites, such as the American Mathematical Society and the US Census Bureau. There is a wide choice of ideas and materials for mathematics teachers to choose from.