Resources for mathematics teachers
maths inside

Maths Inside

Maths Inside consists of a series of maths lessons that are based on real-life scenarios. For each lesson there is a video of a maths practitioner who explains how they apply maths to their work.

growing mathematically

Growing Mathematically

Growing mathematically introduces teachers to learning progressions in mathematics. There is a progression scale, assessments to position students on the scale, targeted teaching resources and other related information.

Other resources

RMFII resources

Evidenced-based resources to support the teaching and learning of algebraic, geometrical and statistical reasoning in the middle years.



Dimensions is a professional development resource for teachers. It presents a number of modules on how to teach content areas and proficiency levels of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics based on the AITSL standards.


Maths 300

Maths 300 is a well-known subscription-based library of mathematics lessons. The lessons are all based on interesting and rich learning tasks, aligned to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics, that focus on developing the ability of students to think like mathematicians.



ReSolve promotes the learning of maths by enquiry. The resource offers a wide range of interesting and practical inquiry-based lesson plans to teach the content and proficiency areas of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. It is supported by a series of professional learning models.

Top Drawer

Top Drawer Teachers

Top Drawer Teachers provides teachers with a wealth of easy-to-use lesson activities that can be used with minimal preparation. The activities are linked to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics

Other resources

Other resources

This page provides links to other maths teaching and learning resources that are available on the internet.