Growing Mathematically is an initiative that supports and promotes the use of learning progressions, formative assessment and targeted teaching as effective teaching strategies for mathematics.

The current project applies Growing Mathematically to multiplicative thinking. The aims of the project are to provide:

  • An up-to-date and evidence-based learning progression (Learning and Assessment Framework, LAF) that describes the stages of development of multiplicative thinking skills
  • A mapping of the LAF to the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics and the National Numeracy Learning Progression
  • Validated assessments for teachers to locate their students on the LAF
  • Teaching advice and targeted teaching tasks that help teachers progress their students from one LAF level to the next
  • Background and research information

The project is currently in a trial phase. These web pages provide information about the trials and the procedures for the schools participating in them. All the relevant documentation, including the Teacher’s Manual, can be downloaded from the links in the Documents section. The Teacher’s Manual is a consolidation all the documents required for participating in the trials.

At the end of the trial process, the final materials will be published here.

teaching students

Teacher's Manual



We would like to acknowledge funding from the Australian Federal Government, Department of Education, for the Growing Mathematically: Multiplicative Thinking project.

The current work builds on previous projects: Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years (now hosted on the Victorian Department of Education and Training) and Reframing Mathematical Future II (RMIT).

The work is led by Emerita Professor Di Siemon, Associate Professor Rosemary Callingham and Lorraine Day. The project has been supported by Will Morony (former CEO AAMT) and Rachael Whitney-Smith (ACARA).