The assessment booklets are to be copied and given by the teachers to their students. The students will not need the rubric section of the booklet, but they will need the blank pages after the last task. They should be encouraged to show all their working using these pages if needed. The students can work through the tasks in staged approach, for example one or two tasks at the beginning of a lesson over a number of lessons. The students must be given ample time to work through the tasks in their own time. The assessment is formative and the more the students demonstrate their thinking and working the better.

The assessment booklets are not yet published on the site because participating schools in the trial are allocated a specific booklet. We would like to avoid schools using a booklet that may not have been allocated to them. For convenience, the rubrics and raw score translators (which map the student score to an LAF zone) for each of booklets 3 and 4 are provided below.

After all the tasks are completed, teachers mark the scripts and record the results in the data sheets. Teachers can also send us copies of student work (which must be de-identified) that illustrates particular traits or thinking. Full instructions for marking are given in the Teacher’s Manual.




Scoring Sheet

Booklet & Scoring sheet 1
Booklet & Scoring sheet 2
Booklet & Scoring sheet 3
Booklet & Scoring sheet 4