As the trial progresses, we expect to generate a number of reports and recommendations. These will be listed in the table below. For example, in November 2019 we conducted a focus group with some teachers to gain an understanding of the value of the multiplicative thinking resources for their teaching and how they would access and use the material. The outcomes of the focus group are presented in the link below.

For the trial, teachers will need to enter the student results into the option 3 or 4 data entry spread sheet. For convenience, these can be downloaded below. Once the results have been entered, including the student code, these should be emailed back to AAMT for analysis. It is important that all the data is de-identified. The assessment is conducted a second time (using a different booklet) after the teaching interventions.

After the trials are completed and the finalised assessment booklets are published, there will be no need to use these data entry sheets.

Students working

Trial Documents


Data entry (option 3)
Data entry (option 4)
Focus group